Vietnam is one of the countries with significant kaolin reserves, typically distributed into small mines throughout localities from North to South. However, selection and processing technology is still outdated, so every year our country still has to import high-quality kaolin to serve the production of paper and high-end ceramics. Up to now, most of Vietnam's Kaolin is exported as raw materials, which both do not have high economic value and are a waste of national resources.

        With the existing advantage of a modern German-Czech technology line invested in 2009, right after the covid-19 epidemic was controlled, QBBK renovated and upgraded equipment for kaolin deep processing. Although the quality of Kaolin ore from Bac Ly mine is not ideal, we have successfully produced two ultra-clean and ultra-fine product lines K85 and K95 for ceramic production and high-end applications. Samples sent for analysis at Keramik-Institut; Meißen - Germany, had very positive results and was recognized as "Meeting European export standards". In the coming years, QBBK wishes to go further and aim for finished products with high economic value, as well as expand cooperation with all domestic and foreign partners in this field.

        In addition to traditional product lines, such as DH350, DH500 and DH500M, from the beginning of 2023, K85 and K95 have been mass produced with ultra-fine particles, average 7.0 and 5.7.ųm

       - Kaolin K95: humidity 12%, product packaging: bigbag or 50kg PP bag; 25kg.

       - Kaolin K85: 12% humidity, product packaging: bigbag or 50kg PP bag; 25kg.

       - Kaolin DH350: humidity 27%± 2%, product packaging: lumps, pieces; Bulk goods, packaged if required by the customer. It is an indispensable raw material in the ceramic industry, unburnt bricks, granite bricks,...

        With great potential and good quality, in the coming time, we at QBBk will focus on producing high-end product lines and bringing these high-end product lines to the European market.

Technical specifications of the products

Application of Kaolin in industry

Export worldwide

Understanding the market demand in the world, Kaolin Quang Binh Bohemia Co., Ltd. exports Kaolin (Kaolin) products to the international market.



We rely on the highest quality standards for Kaolin. We ensure constant monitoring in our laboratory. We also provide our customers with valuable experience gained from professional laboratory tests. Using the latest technology, we perform chemical analysis, process testing and measurement.