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Types of Kaolin (Kaolin K95, K85, DH350, DH500) and Metakaolin (MK-9) with a capacity of 100 KTPA

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Construction sand and gravel. NPK microbial fertilizer. Refractory bricks and other building materials auxiliary materials
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Quang Binh Bohemia Kaolin Co., Ltd

Kaolin is a non-metallic mineral formed by the weathering of phennates, mainly octoclase and albite. This weathering process is called kaolinization.

Chemical composition of kaolin: 

- Chemical formula: Al2O3.2SiO2.2H2

- Theoretical composition: Al2O3: 39.48%; SiO2: 46.6%; H2O: 13.92%. 

- Density: 2.57 ÷ 2.61 

- Hardness: 1÷ 2.5

With a reserve of about 19 million tons, the Bac Ly Kaolin (Kaolin) mine, Quang Binh Province is one of the largest kaolin mines in Vietnam (accounting for nearly 10% of the national reserve) which has been approved by Kaolin Quang Binh Co., Ltd. Bohemia mining production started from 2011.

Kaolin products of all kinds (Kaolin K95, K85, DH350, DH500) and Metakaolin (MK-9) are the key products of our Company. With a capacity after-upgraded of 100 KTPA. Kaolin is an indispensable raw material in the production of civil materials such as: Ceramics, Tiles, Paints, Refractory materials and other industries such as rubber, leather, artificial fabrics construction, paper, electric cable, drilling fluid, chemical industry, cosmetic industry, fertilizer…

Kaolin Quang Binh Bohemia Co., Ltd. is one of the most modern kaolin mining and production projects in Southeast Asia, which is produced on equipment lines imported 100% from the EU (Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Czech) belongs to the most modern type in Europe. The whole production process of kaolin is 100% automated (automatic control by computer system).

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